Vegetables For Juicing – Part 2: Dandelion – Onions

March 21, 2012 in Blog Posts, Healthy Foods by Jerrell

“If you drink fresh juice you are likely to lose weight.”

Continued from the previous post…here are some of the common vegetables and something about the good they do in the body:

DANDELION greens are a good source of potassium, calcium, sodium and magnesium. Dandelions nourish the bone structure and help the health of the teeth. It is good for the lymph and helps release toxins through the skin pores. Dandelion is a cold loving plant that will have a mild flavor if harvested in the cold months. It will become bitter if grown through the hot months. It is helpful and nutritional in many organs of the body so combine with carrot juice for a milder flavor juice in hot months. Blossoms are high in Vitamin D and roots are good for the kidneys.

ENDIVE is another cold loving plant that helps the body in ways similar to the dandelion. This vegetable aids the liver and spleen. Rich in potassium, sodium, calcium and phosphorus, the juice of endive, particularly when added to the juices of carrots, celery and parsley, is very nourishing to the optic system.

FENNEL is a very alkalizing food, aiding in loosening up mucous or phlegm conditions. It helps to stimulate the digestive processes. It is a good diuretic. It has high sodium content and is rich in potassium and iron. The editable part is the bulbous part of the plant.

GARLIC is beneficial to the lymph, aiding in eliminating noxious waste matter from the body. It will probably increase body-odor until the toxic waste has been sufficiently eliminated. It is a good cleanser of the mucus membrane which would include the lungs, sinuses, nose and throat. This makes it great for heart conditions and asthma. It stimulates the kidneys and helps with high blood pressure. It also helps stimulate the peristaltic action in digestion. Use with parsley or mint juice to help with the odor problem.

HORSERADISH root is one of our most valuable concentrated natural foods. It contains one of the most efficient solvents of mucus, or phlegm, in the system, particularly that in the sinuses and nasal cavities, because of the penetrating nature of ether of the mustard oils it contains. Because it is so strong, ground horseradish root should not be taken in larger quantities than ½ teaspoon at a time. Just a whiff of it will clear my sinuses.

KALE is another cold loving plant and quite possibly could be grown through the winter months if protected. It belongs to the cabbage family and is high in sulfur, phosphorus, chlorine, and potassium. It is valuable as a cleanser and is rich in vitamins. It should be eaten when young and tender. Best when harvested in cold weather.

LEEKS are suppliers of potassium, calcium, phosphorus, chlorine and sulfur. They are high in vitamins B and C. Leeks clean the system and the blood, aid the stimulation of the pancreas and the secretion of digestive juices. They help the muscles work better, particularly when they overloaded with uric acid due to the frequent or large consumption of meat. They should be used often in large quantities.

LETTUCE is one of our most valuable foods because of the large organic water content, and because of the high potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and iron the different varieties contain. Lettuce is also rich in organic silicon and fluorine. The most nutritious way to eat it is eaten raw or juiced without condiments and seasonings. You will get an abundance of juice and it is one of the best things you can give your nerves and muscles because of the nutrients it contains. Of all vegetables, lettuce is #3 in nutrients behind carrots (1) and alfalfa (2). The outer leaves that we most often discard are the most nutritious. Don’t want to eat them? Juice them. This food is very valuable for stimulating metabolism.

SEA LETTUCE is a marine plant, like kelp, that is high in organic iodine. It is found finely ground and you should use no more than one-fourth teaspoonful daily. Try mixing it with a pint of raw vegetable juice. Making a drink of carrot, celery, parsley and spinach, and one-fourth teaspoon of powdered Sea Lettuce is a good aid for diseases of the thyroid gland.

MUSTARD GREENS are a good cleansing food, particularly if the leaves are young. Eaten raw they are valuable for the nutrients they contain.

NETTLES, though not popular because of the stinging nature, are good for their nutrition. They have high vitamins, potassium, calcium and sodium.

OKRA soothes inflammation of the intestines. Add them to your juice drink to soothe irritations of the colon, bladder and kidneys. Okra is high in calcium and has 20% sodium content.

ONIONS are beneficial to the mucous membrane. They are rich in carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, silicon, phosphorus and iron.

Tomorrow…Vegetables For Juicing – Part 3: Parsley – Watercress