Gratitude Part II: Gratitude in Action

Gratitude in Action, Holistic TouchThis entry has been continued from Part I – Gratitude

How can you begin to exercise Gratitude every day?

1) Start a Gratitude Journal – At the end of each day, take a few minutes to write down 5 things that you are most grateful for in your day. You will be amazed at how easy this becomes over time and how much happier you become as you are made aware of all the goodness mixed in with the lumps and bumps we experience in life. It brings the goodness of life to the surface making you more conscious of what can be so easily overlooked.

2) Savor – Take the time each day to purposefully find beauty and pleasures in your daily life. A sunset, nature, loving and kind people, family, friends, pets, a hot soothing cup of tea, etc.

3) Write a Thank you Note – to someone whom has been a mentor, an important person in your life who feeds your spirit and adds to the joy in your life, or someone whom you’ve never properly thanked. Once you finished your note, deliver it personally to that person. You may choose to read it to them or sit with them while they read it and then have some tissue ready – just in case. Everyone loves to be acknowledged and appreciated.

4) Start and/or end each day with prayers of thankfulness toward events and people that have brought joy to you within your day.

These are only a few ideas to get you started. Once you begin to incorporate this ritual into your life, you will find new ways express your gratitude and you’ll be hooked for life!

During a time when the economy is suffering and we are reluctant or worried about where the cash will come from, how about giving gifts of gratitude instead?

Saying thank you can be the most meaningful and powerful experience you can share with someone special. Everyone wants to be appreciated and acknowledged.

Source: Silvana Rosati-Capizzano


Gratitude, Holistic Touch“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.”  – Epictetus 

As a mother, I am most grateful for my children. They are the most rewarding and challenging (at times), most loving, successful experience of my life. As with all mothers, the love, the joy and the meaning they have brought to my life, I cannot compare with anything or anyone I have shared my life with. I thank the Universe everyday for these living Angels in my life.

Secondly, I thank the universe for all the wonderful family and friends in which I share my life. I hope that I have been successful at letting them all know how deeply I care for them and how much I value their presence in my life.

I begin each day with a prayer that brings me peace and then I send out peace to those I love most and to those that come to mind during this time. I also end each day with a list of events and people in my day that I am very grateful for.

With each day that passes, I try to learn from each unpleasant experience and share love and joy with an open heart toward everyone. Some days can be more challenging that others, but I can always find joy; even on a less successful day. When we focus on the good in our lives, we invite joy into our spirit and radiate it through our own light.

We can thank the Universe, we can thank God, we can thank Allah or any other spirit or power in which we have a great belief. I don’t think it matters much what label we put on Gratitude, only that we remember to be thankful each and every day of our lives. (more…)

Too Busy to Awaken Part II – How to Stop Hiding…

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Published on: May 2, 2012

Awaken2, Holistic Touch

This entry has been continued from Part I – Are You Too Busy to Awaken?

The first step is to slow down and begin to see how we are always wanting to escape the moment. To ponder ourselves is the first step in becoming aware of our mind addictions and becoming real. This is what it means to become more conscious. As we become more aware, the need to always be occupied with something outside of us in the moment becomes healed and we regain a sense of presence, alertness and satisfaction.

It’s necessary to rise above our self centeredness and self obsessions. The regurgitation of the details of our lives is a waste of energy and leads to negative scenarios. There is something much wider occurring than the intricate details of our own individual, dramatic lives, for we live as a collective. And this is the wider good. Better stated, the wider good and our own good are intrinsically linked.

We are no more removed from the problems of the world than we are removed from our own personal problems. Living a life of personal goodness, taking care of our loved ones and nearest and dearest is not enough. Everyone is our nearest and dearest. This is what we all know deep down in our hearts albeit unconsciously, for there is Oneness at play. You cannot be happy in isolation, or as a recluse, or in an ivory tower. The world calls for your care and attention through your own conscious growth. Through a whole view the fragmented world is made one. The world exists in each one of us. We are Wholeness. As Jiddu Krishnamurti said, “In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.” (more…)

Are You Too Busy to Awaken?

Awaken, Holistic TouchWe live in a world where doing is king. Doing is equated with happiness. How often do you hear the greeting “How are you doing?” Or the response “I’m great. So busy!” It is as if to say that because one is busy, one is happy, but in fact there is no direct correlation between the two. Rather, often when we have a lot to do, stress can easily build up.

‘Busy ness’ is really just an escape mechanism, because in reality we cannot be busy, we can only do one thing at a time.

Have you ever basically done more than one thing at a time in any given moment? Ok sure, you can for example, watch TV and eat a meal at the same time. Or you can be listening to music whilst jogging. So yes, granted, we can do maybe 2 3 things at once. However even in these situations, if you pay close attention, is not your focus in any given moment on one thing at a time?

Cultivating Optimism

OptimisimI went out my front door to go for a walk and I took a gander at my front yard. It is springtime and many of the bushes and plants are flowering. We have opted against using herbicide so our yard is home to a variety of beautiful wildflowers. However, the word got out to the weeds about this safe haven, and they dot the landscape as well.

I postponed my daily jaunt and took a few minutes to pull weeds. This has been a learning experience for me as there are quite a variety of weeds in the yard. At first it was difficult for me to distinguish between a wildflower and a weed. Sadly, I must confess that a few desert daisies, lupine and penstamine suffered an early demise due to my horticultural ignorance.

While I was weed plucking it occurred to me that my thoughts are a lot like the vegetation in my yard. There are plants that provide beauty, shade and inspiration. And then there are the weeds. If left unnoticed, the weeds can choke the life out of some of the other helpful plants. However, we have a home owner’s association, so I know it would never come to that. The more likely scenario is we would get a notice about the weeds, followed by a fine. (more…)

Do You Rub Your Thoughts the Wrong Way?

Holistic Touch Paul MelvilleThere is a phrase, “That person rubs me the wrong way,” that basically means the person (though it also could be a situation) doesn’t make you feel good. You, at times, do this with your thoughts (most of us do); so what works to shift this?

Esther Hicks of Abraham fame has a video on YouTube, “Now Is Where All Your Power Is, Part 2,” where she likens feeding negative thoughts—any thoughts that take you out of feeling good—with rubbing your hand on sandpaper. You wouldn’t rub your hand on sandpaper for an extended period of time because it would hurt, remove skin, require healing, maybe lead to infection, and so on.

But, you will rub your thoughts in this way . . . because it’s a habit that seems logical. And, likely, nearly everyone you know does this from time to time. You may have worked yourself, or watched someone do this, into a frothy state of anger or upset—about something that isn’t even happening at that moment, or is long or long-enough over. (more…)

Learn About Your Soul

Holistic Touch Paul MelvilleIt is the nature of soul to grow, to heal, and to love. As we enter into the world, we emerge as a tiny child. We are open. We do not have conditions placed on us by our parents or ourselves. We have not closed ourselves off from any possibility. It is though the world lay at our feet. We are a bundle of unconditioned purity.

As we age, conditions are placed on us to direct us along our paths intended to keep us from harm. Even if we manage to stay out of harms way, we move into a state of stimulus-response reactions toward life. This draws us further and further away from the natural state of pure being we came into the world with as an infant.

How can we return to our natural state of being? How can we call our soul back and gain a sense of spiritual well-being? The following are ways we can return to the wholeness and healing we seek as spiritual beings incarnated into the human race:

1. Do Something Creative – Creativity engages our heart, our mind, and our imagination. These activities allow us to utilize our whole being. Our attention moves from outer expressions of the world and enters the inner dynamics of living giving rise to our heart and our imagination. When our heart and our imagination are given attention, we enter into the realm of insight. Insight is our ability to see from within just how sacred and magical our lives really are.

In the realm of soul, our humanity becomes sacred. Through creativity we are aware how life flows through us and not from us. The more we identify with these qualities of attention flowing through us, the more we are identifying with qualities residing in us that are whole and healing. It is our natural state.

2. Spend Time with a Child – Children have a way of drawing our attention away from activities and responsibilities defining us as adults. All a child wants to do in this world is have fun. They seem to never tire of such activities. Children are constantly motivated by play.

As adults, we tend to think of play as wasted time. Adults who lose a sense of play and joy in their lives are in danger of losing self-motivation. The kind of self-motivation I am referring to involves the desire to have fun in life. This can lead to a depressive state lacking creativity, spontaneity, and the heart of a child.

Each of us has the heart of a child within us that never tires. It is the part of us fully participating in and with life. As our imagination and heart begin to guide us over the mind, we are in soul. In soul, our mind is in its proper perspective. This part of us is our inner awareness not bound by the pressures of the world. When we return to soul, the possibility of living whole and healed becomes a reality.

3. Become a Child – The next time you look into a child’s eyes try to feel their heart. Notice the difference and similarities of your heart and their heart. Is there a difference? Is this awareness a long or short distance from where you were as a child?

What happened to that little boy or little girl inside you? Since we cannot retrieve childhood physically, maybe we can from within. Remember your past as a child – the good times and the bad times. As you look at your life through the eyes of a child, recall how active your heart and imagination were. Embrace it. Let this inner vision penetrate your entire awareness. Let go of your adult interpretations of your childhood and view it with innocence and love.

Our true nature is to live in the world without being fully of it. Inside us are endless avenues that can move us toward the experience of joy. When we let go of our tendency to view the world as right or wrong, good or bad, we leave behind dualism and enter into Unity.

This Unity behind all appearances of diversity is a healing state of unconditional love. It is the part of us bringing all life into being, leading us through life, and what will lead us home. It is the force of nature giving us life. It is our soul.

Source: Jayden Briggs

Talking to Heaven

Do our loved ones who have crossed over to the other side still have the power to influence our physical lives? Your loved ones’ presence is real, but how do you know it just not your imagination? Why do spirits choose to communicate at certain times and not at others? And what exactly is the difference between a psychic and a psychic medium? These questions and more came to mind while watching a recent episode of the TV drama Medium, staring Patricia Arquette. Acting as Allison Dubois, as she sees dead people and hears them talking. After watching just one show, the talking to the dead or rather the living dead took on a new meaning. It made me wonder about the process.

Death separates us from the physical closeness of our family members and loved ones. It is only natural that we grieve for the loss of the human companionship and interactions we had with our friends and family, including beloved pets when they were living with us in the physical form. We can no longer reach out and touch them or pick up the phone and talk to them. We experience heartache living separate from their physical beings, no longer given the opportunity to give hugs, touch their faces, or hear their laughter. With this came a great deal of debates about what happens after death to the soul. (more…)

Esoteric Soul Healing and Spiritual Healers

The motivation of a spiritual healer is at least as important as that of the patient. Pain is a mental process and the healer must be able to communicate with the mind of the patient to alleviate the pain.

Jesus was not only the most famous spiritual healer, He communicated on a level few healers have ever attained. He is the only healer purported to have brought a man back from the dead. This achievement is attributed to a miraculous power reserved only for God. Are there other explanations?

It has been said that Jesus joined with the mind of the patient (Lazarus) who was then able to temporarily reanimate his body (The Disappearance of the Universe). There is a self-study course available for anyone interested in how this kind of joining is possible. The document that contains this teaching is called, “A Course in Miracles.”

The soul healing work of Jesus and the study of spiritual healing in “A Course in Miracles” may be too faith-driven and remote for some readers. What about other lesser-known healers?

Joel S. Goldsmith – Mystical healer, author and teacher. He was a Christian Scientist considered a master in the art of spiritual healing. He insisted “no organization” be built around his teaching. Today, you may learn more about him at ( His most famous work was “The Infinite Way” published in 1947.

Rosalyn R. Bruyere – According to her publicity, Rosalyn clairvoyantly sees patterns of disease and behavior in exquisite detail. She founded the Healing Light Center Church. Her publicity is professional and understated, and what she describes sounds similar to the writing of Dr Phineas Quimby, a pioneer of the mind, and celebrated hypnotist and healer of the 19th century.

Dean Kraft – Energy healer who has subjected himself to paranormal, medical, healing, and scientific research. Far more research is available on his website than you will find about other spiritual healers ( He published “Portrait of a Psychic Healer” in 1991

Bradley Falk – While he may not belong in the company of Jesus and Joel Goldsmith, I mention him here because you can visit his website ( and watch him speak about his teaching. His is earnest and direct. While you can sample his video for free or purchase his DVD for a modest price, you need about $3000 to arrange a private session with him.

Soul healing and spiritual healing spring from love for the patient. Love comes across in varying degrees among these few individuals mentioned here. The short list is intended to be a starting point for those interested in soul healing, or spiritual healing. The aim is always to guide you or a loved one to healing and peace.

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Relax and Revitalize With Reiki Poetry

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Published on: March 26, 2012

Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them.  – Dennis Gabor

By meditating to Reiki poetry, you can enjoy life in a way you never thought possible. Picture yourself in a world without stress, without violence, without fear, and even without loneliness. Maybe you think this is impossible, and in a physical sense, this may be true. After all, you can’t always change what is going on around you; there may always be war, there may always be despair. But you can change what goes on in your own mind. It is not events that control your life, but how you react to them. By practicing Reiki on a daily basis, your mind and body will explore new and wonderful places.

The best way to enjoy Reiki poetry is to listen to it while meditating. Simply listen to the soothing lyrics, taking in their rich meaning while you let them enter your heart and mind. As you take long, deep breaths and exhale slowly, you will feel all your tension, all your anxieties, and all your troubles drift away peacefully, as if carried on the wings of a soaring dove. Any physical pain you feel may lessen, and you will begin to feel more optimistic about the future than you have in years. You will come to the realization that there is only one life, and you should enjoy it. (more…)

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