“Holistic Touch” – The Art of Guided Self-Healing

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“Holistic Touch” is the name given to a particular style of Energy Medicine that uses Energy (ki, chi, prana, etc.) to access a client’s emotional layer in a safe manner and allows the client to explore their emotional topology with guidance and energetic support.

The goal of treatment is to connect the client with their emotional self and find a greater awareness, and better alignment with their place in the world, resulting in the client having an improved clarity of self, sense of purpose, hope, and motivation.

The technique itself is a blend of multiple energy healing disciplines, including: Energy Healing and Sharing, Massage, Accupressure, and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). During the Holistic Touch treatment, The Practitioner works with the flow of the Energy between the layers of the client’s energy body.

The technique can easily be performed while the client is fully clothed, laying on a massage table or similar surface. The experience is enhanced with calm, meditation-style music lightly in the background to allow for a deeper level of relaxation.

Most people who have experienced Holistic Touch describe the experience as a calm and blissful while also having a sharpened focus and clarity, allowing them to find a stronger sense of intuition toward resolving any lingering emotional issues.

The client’s interest and willingness to explore drives the experience, so there is never a danger of “too much too soon” The rapport that naturally develops does so gradually and organically and in a safe and sane manner. Most clients “feel” an immediate benefit, and many report that after just a few treatments, they are better able to cope with various difficulties in life or to attain a higher level of enjoyment of life…or both!

Paul Melville is an Holistic Touch Adept and offers private sessions. Contact him here.

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